Sewing Machine Risers

Sewing Machine RisersSewing Machine RisersSewing Machine Risers

I now offer it with the top corners mitered, if you wish this option please put a note in your order. I now offer it with the top corners mitered, if you wish this option please put a note in your order.
Made from top-grade solid pine boards (not plywood) which are screwed and glued together, then sanded smooth and buffed.  This riser is ready for you to apply the finish of your choice.   All risers are 4-3/4 tall,  The 30" long have center support, the 24" do not have center support. 
The edge glued boards are solid pine boards which have been glued on the edges to make a solid board, this is done on the wider risers to prevent warping, boards wider than 9 inches have a tendency to cup or not stay flat, edge gluing these boards prevents this.
By raising the machine up you will be able to embroider shirts, tote bags, and other items without accidentally stitching the front and back of the material together.
There is a small drawer for small things.
I will make a custom size, the price would be determined by the next larger size that is priced below.
The end of the riser is very strong to support the heavy end of you machine.  There is a storage opening in the rear of the riser for storing extra sewing parts, etc.
There is a added brace down the center to support the end of your embroidery machine on the 30", and still leave room for your material.
Please note can only ship to the lower 48 states, cannot ship to Alaska or Hawaii

Sizes are as follows:

20 X 7-1/4 = $75.00

22 x 7-1/4 = $75.00

24 x 7-1/4 = $75.00

24 x 9-1/4 = $120.00

30 x 9-1/4 = $160.00

These below will be made from finger jointed wood or edge glued wood.

24x9-1/4 = 85.00

24 x 12 = $85.00

30 x 9-1/4 105.00

30 X 12 = $105.00

36 x 12 = $105.00

24 x 14 = $99.00

30 x 14 = $120.00

36 x 14 = $120.00 Please note: 

The 12 inch wide were previously made 11 inch wide, at purchasers request I know make them 12 inch wide.
The shipping is included in the price: 

No shipping fees.
This is list where the purchaser provided me the model of the machine they were using it with.  Maybe this will help you in your selection of what size riser you will need.
20 x7 Janome HD9

22 x 7  Janome HD9

24 x 9 PE77024 X 9 Brother SE 1900

24 x 9 PE800

24 X 12 Janome 400E


24 X 14 Janome 400E


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